Minutes for JOSE at interim-2013-jose-3

Meeting Minutes Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (jose) WG
Title Minutes for JOSE at interim-2013-jose-3
State Active
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Last updated 2013-07-01

Meeting Minutes

   Administrative Things   (5 min)
   Setup meeting; Get a scribe; Sign the blue sheets

Use Case document       (5 min)
   Process Issues

Issue #13 - Discuss the use of AEAD for key wrapping      (20 min)
   Open F2F Action - Mike - key wrap draft proposal for AES-GCM-key wrap by May

Issue #6 - Unclear requirement evels on fields   (0 min)
   Open F2F action - Richard - Create algorithm table reflecting meember
   requirement levels before 1 June Open F2F action - Richard - Add evaluation
   for protection to table of all fields

Issue #15 - closed?  - What examples should be included using what key

Issue #26 - Allow for signature payload not to be base64 encoded

Issue #27 - member names MUST be unique needs additional text

Issue #28 - AES-GCM content encryption with direct key manangement

Issue #29 - Add an explicit aad field to JWE

Media Types - 4 vs 1 vs 2      (10 min)

Other Issues

Status of draft-miller-jose-jwe-portected-jwk - roll in or publish separately.