Minutes for SCIM at interim-2013-scim-6

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Title Minutes for SCIM at interim-2013-scim-6
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Meeting Minutes

Morteza Ansari (host)
A. Paventhan
Alexandre Santos
Kelly Grizzle
Phil Hunt
Bjorn Aannestad
Tony Nadalin

Summary of Discussion:
Schema Topics (KGrizzle)
Issue #38 "Clarify Schema Extension Model" was discussed
Proposed solution is doc'd in the ticket
The prosposed solution involves adding a /resourceTypes end point
support for extensions
Next Step: Turn the proposal into a set of draft text for the spec,
ideally for the Berlin meeting
Language issues (PHunt)
Introduced a not-yet-submitted OAuth proposal for using SCIM to
register OAuth clients
Main question: How to represent language-variants of attribute
values in JSON? Three options presented.
Next Steps: Ask for input on the mailing list, esp. from
implementers who have these language requirements


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Bi-weekly SCIM WG-20130626 1707-1
Wednesday, June 26, 2013 10:07 am San Francisco Time
56 Minutes