Minutes for 6TISCH at interim-2015-6tisch-8

Meeting Minutes IPv6 over the TSCH mode of IEEE 802.15.4e (6tisch) WG
Title Minutes for 6TISCH at interim-2015-6tisch-8
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Meeting Minutes

   ## THIS IS A DRAFT!!! ##

# Minutes, 22 May 2015 interim, 6TiSCH WG #

Note: timestamps in PST.

Connection details

* Webex:
* Etherpad: http://etherpad.tools.ietf.org:9000/p/6tisch?useMonospaceFont=true
* Topic: 6TiSCH Bi-Weekly * Time: 8:00 am, Pacific Daylight Time (San
Francisco, GMT-07:00) * Meeting Number: 206 802 913 * Meeting Password: sixtus
* CCM: +14085256800x206802913


* Webex recording:
* Wiki: https://bitbucket.org/6tisch/meetings/wiki/150522_webex * Slides:

Taking notes _(using Etherpad)_

Xavi, Thomas, Pascal

Present _(alphabetically)_

1. Thomas Watteyne
1. Pascal Thubert
1. A. Paventhan
1. Andy Bierman
1. Chonggang Wang
1. Diego Dujovne
1. Dominique Barthel
1. Guillaume Gaillard
1. Ismail Hakki Turan
1. Malisa Vucinic
1. Maria Rita Palattella
1. Michael Richardson
1. Michel Veillette
1. Nicola Accettura
1. Pat Kinney
1. Patrick Wetterwald
1. Peter van der Stok
1. Pouria Zand
1. Qin Wang
1. Quentin Lampin
1. Rene Struik
1. S.V.R. Anand
1. Sedat Gormus
1. Tamer Elzayyat
1. Xavi Vilajosana
1. Zhuo Chen

Action Items

* Xavi to add a short description before subsections in section 10
* Thomas to send e-mail to ML with discussion on plugtest and hackathon
* Pascal, Rene and Michael to discuss join process in charter


- Administrivia + announcements [2min]
- Status for draft-ietf-6tisch-architecture [5min]
- Status for draft-ietf-6tisch-minimal [10min]
- plugtest and hackathon news and dates [10min]
- COMI and CoAP draft [15min]
- Rechartering [10min]
- AOB [3min]


* _[07.04]_ Meeting starts
    *     recording starts.
* _[07.06]_ Administrivia + announcements
    * Agenda.

        - Agenda is approved. No concerns raised.

    * Last Call Minutes
         - Last Call Minutes are approved. No concerns raised.
     * Announcement
        *'e' has been removed from the charter.
        * RFC 7554 is published! TSCH.
        * Announcement. New ETSI Group. IP6 ISG. Industry Specification Work.
           -  Best practices for industry.
* _[07.08]_ Status for draft-ietf-6tisch-architecture
    * Last Call issues completed.
    * Shepherd writeup taking place.

* _[07.10]_ Status for draft-ietf-6tisch-minimal
    * Xavi has been working on restructuring the minimal draft. Comments from
    Pat and Tero not to reproduce exactly the IEEE802.15.4e standards. *
    reworked sections 4 and 5. Pointed to set of example in Section 10. * TODO:
    provide a bytestream for each example, to simplify work. * Xavi presents
    new section 4.
        * text same as before, explains the configuration for the EBs in minimal
        * we refer to section 10.1, where example can be found
        * provides description of what the reason for each IE is
    * XAvi presents new Section 5
        * adds section on ACK/NACK IE
        * added several examples in section 10
        * indicated in LSB.
        * indicates that IEEE802.15.4 has precedence
    * example:
        * IEs in EBs
    * Thomas suggests to add a sentence above each subsection to describe the
    structure of the examples, missing how the document is organized * Xavi
    agrees, todo for Xavi * Thomas and Pascal thank Tero for suggesting that
    section and reviewing
* _[07.16]_ plugtest and hackathon news and dates
    * news on the hackathon
    * Talking to ETSI to see if Hackathon can be happening in the same time.
    * Friday 17 to Sunday 19 of July a room is rented at the IETF hotel for
    plugTest * Plugtest is an interop test. which requires several sessions to
    happen during different times. * The hackathon is a more informal event
    where people can meet to work on 6tisch related stuff. * Proposal :
    plugtest 17 and 18 and hackathon and 19. ETSI allows us to use the room for
    the hackathon. * Need to do:
          - get an entry in the hackathon related to our work at 6tisch
          - have a list of scenes and copy paste that list in the hackathon
          wiki page.
     * Dominique B. is interested on joining the hackathon.
     * OpenWSN and OpenMote HW platform want to join too
     * Univ. Bari team to work on security.
     TODO: Call for themes in the hackathon during this week.
     * 6TiSCH WG will be requested to be early in the week. There is absolutely
     no guarantee that this happen. * Agenda is published 3 weeks before the
     event. * June 5th is the deadline for that request.

    * Hackthon is informal but a list of themes would be useful.


* _[07.25]_ COMI and CoAP draft
    * Michel Veillette presents COMI and COAP Draft
    * Issue of teh day is with collisions with the base-64 5bytes hash that
    encodes the data node path * Aligned with RestCONF/ provides the same kind
    of services but for constrained devices. Object are designed using the YANG
    modeling language. * uses CoAP instead of http * uses DTLS instead of TLS *
    Data Node ID in RestCONF is compressed using a hash valued. Encoded in
    BASE64 in the URI. In Binary in CBOR (4Byte) * COMI is based on RESTCONF *
    http:://cbor.me  site to convert from plain bytes to CBOR. * Yang hash
    clashes: can happen because two different sets of data can produce the same
    hash * Prob of clash is small but they can happen. * In the same module
    clashes can be detected * From different modules there can be collisions
    (with low prob.) * in draft v6 solves that having a rehash list (lookup
    table) where resources are remapped in case their hash collides. * Servers
    offer mechanism to retrieve clash lists. * list are very small. *Several
    alternatives to deal with clashes. Using a name and a select clause in the
    query to specify which resource is accessed. It introduces select overhead.
    * Other solution (in total 4) * TW: Asks, if this requires comments. and
    proposes a new solution
         -as a client add the underscore to the resource that has the collision.
    * Peter V.S. Have for large COMI Clients to use the relabeling solution but
    if the nodes are constrained, the other presented solutions apply. * Thomas
    agrees; Thomas asks if it is by design that all the hashes are static? *
    Michel Veillete: List of resources can be dynamic.   THe writer of the
    module will resolve the collisions (the assumption is that within the
    module won't be collisions) * Andy: in RestCONF. In JSOn if there are
    siblings in the tree with the same local name, the server needs to qualify
    which module is each query coming from. If there is a collision you need
    the full extended name instead of the local name. This only when the
    collision happens.

* _[07.59]_ Rechartering
    * Rechartering on going.
    * Minimal
      - security, as there is no consensus  on the new proposed text we will
      move to the previous text as approved in Dallas with the exception that a
      new phrase will be added indicating what is K1 for interop purposes. -
      ACTION: FInish the final amendments to the draft and send a pointer to
      the ML from bitbucket. Wait 1 week for consensus and ship to the IESG.
    * 6top and coap drafts are not ready yet. CoAP is bounded to the COMI work.
    6top interface needs more work. * Rechartering:
         - Rene: says we have a lot of work done in security and proposes to
         keep progressing.
     * Dynamic scheduling -- 6top, OTF, Archie 2.
      *Security in the context of 6top.
      *CHW:Neighbor discovery for 6tisch?
      *PTis part of the original architecture. Do we need more?
       * track organization and operation.
* _[08.09]_ AOB
    * No Other B.

        -hackaton: Sedat thinks to go to an informal hackathon event. We cannot
        find any slot allocated. There will be hackathon 19th of July

* _[08.05]_ Meeting ends