Minutes interim-2018-cbor-01: Wed 15:00

Meeting Minutes Concise Binary Object Representation Maintenance and Extensions (cbor) WG
Title Minutes interim-2018-cbor-01: Wed 15:00
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Meeting Minutes

   CBOR WG Conference Call
Wednesday, Aug 8, 2018, 15:00 - 16:00 UTC
Chairs: Barry Leiba, Francesca Palombini

Minute takers: Francesca

* Francesca Palombini
* Barry Leiba
* David Brown
* Laurence Lundblade
* Michael Richardson
* Carsten Bormann


Barry: Goal of this meeting is to make sure the doc progresses. Carsten has
made updates in the github, not posted in the datatracker yet.

Carsten: presenting the diff between last draft (-03) and github versions. All
formal comments should be here (github editor version), might need some
    - Standard Prelude moved to appendix D (Jim's comment)
    - number of changes are editorials that are still in the document (Jim's
    comment) - one objective is still there that we decided not to do, number
    of changes related to that - in terminology: explicit def of term byte -
    section 2.1 explains how group work following issue 14 - fixes to figure -
    2.2.2 explicit about delivery - explicit ranges are either between
    integers or floating + control operators - 2.2.3 representation types,
    comments welcome if the text is clear - 3.5.3 confusion about cut means,
    trying to make this clearer - 3.8 control operators have fw considerations
    to iana registry - .size is more explicitely explained what it is for -
    3.8.6 .ne and .eq : leaving specification as people have been using it but
    explicit - 3.10 Jim's comments about generic rules (+ editorial) - 3.11
    encourage people to use parenthesis when precedence is not clear - Jim's
    noticed tilde was missing in the operator table, fixed, and amp as well -
    CDDL operator registry defined - using the . is IETF review, otherwise
    specification required. - added reference on parsing expression grammar -
    App B: Fixed a comment from Jim + "h" and "b64" expression case
    insensitive. One discussion about spacing in the mailing list (see mail
    from Carsten from a couple of days ago), but a part from that spacing
    should be correct now. - Editorial comments
Barry: what of these ones need to be solved before we go to publication
Carsten: only one is the syntax spacing before the type, the others are covered
(or for future version). Barry: proposal makes sense. Carsten: Probably need 2
more hours of testing to make sure it does not break anything.

# Summary

Barry: update -04 in the next couple of days (by the end of the week), then
we'll start WGLC.

CBORbis: on the agenda for next meeting (in two weeks), as well as any WGLC
comments for CDDL.