Minutes interim-2018-regext-01: Wed 19:00

Meeting Minutes Registration Protocols Extensions (regext) WG
Title Minutes interim-2018-regext-01: Wed 19:00
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Meeting Minutes

   Registration Protocols Extensions Working Group

We held an interim meeting today January 10, 2018 and discussed the
Fee document.

In attendance was James Gould, Jody Kolker, Joe Snitker, Peter Koch,
Antoin Verschuren, and Roger Carney. Scott Hollenbeck, James Galvin
and Andreas Huber sent their regrets.

	1	Fee
	a	Discuss appropriate level for ,
		at the object level  or  level
	b	Discuss WG Last Call
	2	Registry Mappings
	a	Introduce the Registry Mapping concepts

In regards to the Fee draft, we talked through the option presented on
list to move the  to the object level and provide an optional
 attribute to allow for the command level distinction with a
default of false. We agreed to proceed this way and an updated draft
will be posted soon. Additionally, we agreed to remove second
paragraph in 5.2.1 as it duplicates second to last paragraph in
section 4.

We did not make it to discussing the Registry Mapping, we will plan to
have a follow-up meeting to introduce and discuss this topic.