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Minutes interim-2020-lpwan-05: Wed 16:00

Meeting Minutes IPv6 over Low Power Wide-Area Networks (lpwan) WG Snapshot
Title Minutes interim-2020-lpwan-05: Wed 16:00
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Last updated 2020-03-04

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• Date: 7-8am US Pacific, 4pm CET:,12,5392171,1850147&h=100&date=2020-03-04&sln=15-16
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Meeting number: 201 266 501 Password: txCGJTrS (89245877 from phones)

 - Pascal Thubert
 - Dominique Barthel
 - Ivaylo Petrov
 - Arunprabhu Kandasamy
 - Olivier Gimenez
 - Carles Gomez
 - Ricardo Andreasen
 - Diego Dujovne
 - Juan Carlos Zuniga


[16:04] Administrivia                    [ 5min]
    o    Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
PT:  submit drafts by Monday. Also cut-off date for standard rate
    o    Status of drafts
PT: CoAP draft progressing well.
DB: RFC Editor actions and authors' actions.

DB: SCHC baseline draft: Auth48 finished. RFC8724 to be published in a few

[16:12] IETF 107 attendance / Covid-19     [10min]
PT: Cisco's current policy WRT COVID-19 is to avoid foreign travels so I will
not come to Vancouver. Alex will not travel either. PT: physical meeting
officially cancelled. PT: probably an interim meeting instead. Time of day to
be decided. PT: for registration cancellation, get 90% refund by sending mail
to by March 16th. JCZ: is it an official IETF policy
that WG meetings can't take place when both chairs are not being physically
present? Is there a place where we can track the meetings that are bing
cancelled? PT: does not know. JCZ: Ericsson not coming PT: expect low
attendance. Cisco, Intel, not coming. DB: Orange not coming Olivier: Semtech
not coming. [16:21] Rechartering in progress           [10min] PT: will be
discussed in tomorrow's telechat, new charter seems to go through smoothly. PT:
who is interested in multicast? Olivier and Juan Carlos interested. Diego: text
available? not yet [16:24] LoRaWAN IID                        [15min] Olivier:
last meeting, proposed a NAT-like address generation. Now thinks again. DLMS
need to know the IP address. Olivier: back to IP address generation from the
NetSKey. Collisions solved by rekeying (i.e. rejoining if OTAA mode). Olivier:
use of SCHC Rule to convey a rejoin command, or carry a network prefix? PT: why
not, but write explicitely in the draft what you need. PT: could be a RuleID
that says "command&control", then assign a code point for rejoin within that
space. Olivier: could be useful for multicast as well. PT: should be a generic
draft for this new use of SCHC Rules. PT: generic draft to desribe the use of a
Rule for "command&control", and this draft to specify which codepoint to be
used for Rejoin in LoraWAN. PT; if very quick, could have other draft generate
the IANA registry, and this draft to allocate a codepoint into that registry.
PT: it's one page. Will do it next week. PT: same can be used for OAM as well.
[16:46] SCHC CoAP draft security section   [15min] No slides shown. Ana
integrated all comments from reviewers. On Telechat March 12th agenda. Comments
mostly on Security Considerations section. Help requested. See mail sent
yesterday. DB: can send you a pointer to guidance/tutorial on how to write a
security considerations section Slide 23 is about extension of
prior RFC's. Laurent: compressing CoAP with SCHC does not introduce new
vulnerabilities. Nothing to be said about it. Dominique: still, CoAP is
different from UDP/IPv6. [     ] AOB                                  [QS]