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Minutes interim-2020-lpwan-14: Tue 16:00

Meeting Minutes IPv6 over Low Power Wide-Area Networks (lpwan) WG
Date and time 2020-10-06 14:00
Title Minutes interim-2020-lpwan-14: Tue 16:00
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Last updated 2020-10-06

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[16:05] Administrivia                [ 5min]
    o    Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
    o    WG Status, IETF 109 News

[16:10] Status of drafts                   [5min]
[16:15] SCHC over LoRaWAN                  [25min]
[16:40] Open Bar  / AOB                    [ QS ]

## Blue Sheets

* Pascal Thubert
* Vincent Audebert
* Dominique Barthel
* Olivier Gimenez
* Carles Gomez
* David Millman
* Éric Vyncke
* Juan Carlos Zuniga
* Sergio Aguilar


[16:09] Administrivia  (Pascal)            [ 5min]
 *    Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
 *    WG Status, IETF 109 News
 *    Sigfox draft: working on the code with Univ Chile and Univ Catalunia.
 Planning for an update in few weeks. *    Chairs did not request an LPWAN
 session at IETF 109 meeting.

[16:14] SCHC over LoRaWAN                  [25min]
 * IETF last call ended Oct 2nd.
 * Olivier: draft-09 and -10 published, -11 pending.
 * Olivier: wait for Robert's reply?
 * Eric: recommends to wait for reply. Robert is usually quick to reply.
 * Eric: you may send a gentle reminder to Robert.
 * Olivier: will wait until Thursday before reminding him
 * Dominique advises that he created a pull request with nit fixes.
 * Dominique mentions that uplink and downlink definitions have been added in
 -10 as a response to reviews, but were already defined in SCHC main spec RFC
 8724 so no need to redefine. * Pascal: recommends to refer explicitly to
 RFC8724 in the terminology section but without duplicating definition *
 Dominique: recommends to make sure all comments (notably by Rahul) have been
 responded, even if no change in the draft. * Dominique noted a few sentences
 that could be expressed better. Will work offline with Olivier in the next few

[16:29] Open Bar  / AOB                    [ QS ]
  * Interop
    * We had plans to discuss that in Vancouver, got delayed
    * JCZ would welcome platform to allow interop
    * Dominique mentions the platform set in place with Laurent and OpenSCHC
    * Invite to get to work at the Hackathon
    * Could time shift the Hackathon towards Americas
    * JCZ: need weeks to stabilize the code, also need to sync on the set up
    * Olivier: Today OpenSCHC not compatible with LoRaWAN
    * Dominique: we can work on directions, have a plan

[16:40] meeting adjourns