Minutes interim-2020-lpwan-17: Tue 16:00

Meeting Minutes IPv6 over Low Power Wide-Area Networks (lpwan) WG
Title Minutes interim-2020-lpwan-17: Tue 16:00
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Meeting Minutes

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[16:05] Administrivia                [ 5min]
*    Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
*    WG Status

[16:15] SCHC over LoRaWAN                                                      

[16:30] CoAP over SCHC                                                         

[16:45] Open Bar  / AOB                                     [ QS ]


* Pascal Thubert, Cisco
* Éric Vyncke, Cisco
* Alexander Pelov, Acklio
* Vincent Audebert, EDF
* Laurent Toutain, IMT Atlantique
* Olivier Gimenez, Semtech
* Ana Minaburo, Acklio
* Juan Carlos Zúñiga, Sigfox

(last interims for copy/paste)

* Diego Dujovne, UDP
* Julien Catalano, Kerlink
* Carles Gomez, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
* Dominique Barthel, Orange

* Ivaylo Petrov, Acklio
* Arunprabhu Kandasamy, Acklio
* Sean Turner, sn3rd
* J Lecoeuvre
* David Millman
* Ricardo Andreasen
* Arthur Oval
* Sergio Aguilar


[16:05] Administrivia                                    [ 5min]
*    Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
     * Alexander presents the usual note well
     * Previous minutes approved
*    WG Status
     * Laurent gives news on hackathon, openSCHC.net
     * Great logistics though no beer and no cookie
     * to be available to all for test purpose
     * hackathon to implement ICMP draft
     * Ping works with compression, ICMP back in case of error
     * Shoishi to make openSCHC asynchronous
* JCZ: Update on SCHC-over-PPP
     * The document was presented in INTAREA
     * For the moment there are just a few people who read the draft, so there
     is the need to evangelize SCHC.. * The SCHC competence is in LPWAN WG *
     There are no people that are 'against', but we need to make sure people
     that are more knowledgable about SCHC * Pascal: we need people from LPWAN
     to go to INTAREA * Eric: Copy documents to both WG mailing lists * Eric:
     Independently of this, it's good to have a review from PPP people... Also
     put in copy the list ppp-ext (the WG is concluded but the mailing should
     still exist)

[16:15] SCHC over LoRaWAN                                                      

* Olivier Gimenez presents
* Olivier: Eric presented the document to IESG
* Olivier: the schemes Dominique suggested have been updated
* Eric: Once all edits have been done, send mail, and then it goes to RFC Editor
* Olivier: Question - how to address CMAC case, where CMAC is not a standard
-> should it be put is a normative reference or non-normative? * Eric: The
question on normative reference depends on the use you make of the documdent.
If an implementer needs to understand the document, then it should be
normative. Then, there will be work for me (Eric) to make a downref. * Olivier:
OK, will be done - needs to be normative then.

[16:25] CoAP over SCHC                                                         

* Ana published -16 in October
* answered to Benjamin Kaduk
* No answer so far
* Eric: Benjamin answered that it's queued in his list
* changes since ver-15 are documented in the slides, mostly addressing
Benjamin's comments * Nits corrected *

[16:45] Open Bar  / AOB

* Pascal: Discussion on PPP document, question on padding
* Pascal: How to handle case where you don't want to compress the whole packet
* Laurent: it depends if you want to keep compatibility with standard SCHC
* Pascal to present several questions on the padding.
* Pascal: maybe add 6LO as compression mechanism to PPP ?
* JCZ: Better to start evanvelization in IntArea first, and once people know
the topic we can then propose 6lowpan and include 6lo WG in the discussion

[ QS ]