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Minutes interim-2020-mls-04: Wed 14:00

Meeting Minutes Messaging Layer Security (mls) WG
Title Minutes interim-2020-mls-04: Wed 14:00
State Active
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Last updated 2020-02-18

Attendees: Brendan McMillian, Britta, Konrad, Raphael Robers, Richard barnes,
and Sean Turner

# Issues / PRs

 * Sean still needs to provide text about designated expert
 * Potential concerns, but Britta/Konrad OK to proceed
   * Related to healing after a whole ciphersuite is compromised
   * If signature algorithm is per-group, need to upgrade everyone at once
   * Note: No worse than posture for other algorithms
   * Might need some stuff in arch doc / sec cons, Britta working on

#287 revisited
  * Raphael to do a follow-on PR to clarify that parent_hash values are on
  ParentNode, not ParentNodeHashInput

 * Raphael concerned that reordering bounds will cause Proposals not to decrypt
 * Maybe also clarify whether FS is expected
 * RLB to implement & merge, see if Beurdouche can review

 * Clear to merge, pending #279

 * RLB to check with Beurdouche about reuse_guard
 * If not, just use first 4 octets of sender_data_nonce

 * Major question - should extensions be immutable?
 * Generally, folks more comfortable with the simple, immutable thing
 * Possibility to change via group restart, which is likely needed in any case
  * Also cleaner for proofs, easier to think about authn properties
 * Needs IANA considerations
 * RLB to add IANA text, review next week