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Minutes interim-2020-ntp-06: Tue 15:00

Meeting Minutes Network Time Protocols (ntp) WG
Title Minutes interim-2020-ntp-06: Tue 15:00
State Active
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Last updated 2020-10-20

# NTP Iterim 2020-10-20 Notes

## Attendees
Karen ODonoghue
Daniel Frankie
Dieter Sibold
Douglas Arnold
Denis Reilly
Hiroyuki Goto
Kristof Teichel
Marcus Dansarie
Martin Langer
Miroslav Lichvar
Ragnar Sundblad
Watson Ladd
Warren Kumari
James Gruessing

## Document Status - Without Updates

### Done!

### AD Followup

### AD Evaluation

### Ready for IESG

## Documents with Updates

### NTP Port
Miroslav: We have uploaded a new doucment with current best practices, few
other minor fixes as well as autokey Karen: Would you like WGLC or further
comments? Miroslav: A round of reviews Karen: One more review cycle, please
review and comment

### Chronos
Karen: I will send an email to the mailing list to get some traffic, and
hopefully the authors should speak up

### Roughtime
Karen: Watson wanted to get some more implementation experience

## IETF 109 Hackathon Plans
Karen: We had put in for the next hackathon, and seeing if anyone had any NTS
or Roughtime projects Watson: I was hoping we'd see what happened for NTS,
spinning on servers at convenient times to test interop Karen: We have a Slack
channel and separate mailing list for hackathon efforts Karen: We'll post an
email to the mailing list

## NTPv5
Karen: We've had discussions of requirements on mailing list and on the wiki,
but no other progress Karen: We can't make any progress without any drafts,
does anyone have any comments about potential NTPv5? Watson: Are we interested
in keeping the current security model with NTS or something else? Daniel: My
feeling is that were basically sticking with the NTS model, not going to
strengthen it, and not carrying broadcast mode into NTPv5 Miroslav: Maybe not
even symmetric mode Karen: I wonder without having to go into too detail
Daniel: I think we're on the same page around the Karen: I think we just need
drafts in writing to wrap our heads around it

## Rechartering
Karen: I don't yet have a recharter text, and am calling for volunteers
Douglas Arnold, Watson Ladd, Dieter Siebold, James Gruessing, and Denis Reilly
offered a suggest help with rechartering