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Minutes interim-2021-taps-07: Fri 11:00

Meeting Minutes Transport Services (taps) WG
Title Minutes interim-2021-taps-07: Fri 11:00
State Active
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Last updated 2021-08-20

TAPS WG Virtual Interim
August 20, 2021
Webex, 1100-1300 ET

        * Theresa Enghardt (Netflix)
        * Brian Trammell (Google)
        * Tommy Pauly (Apple)
        * Colin Perkins (University of Glasgow)
        * Mirja K├╝hlewind (Ericsson)
        * Martin Duke (F5)
        * Michael Welzl (University of Oslo)
        * Gorry Fairhurst (University of Aberdeen)
        * Anna Brunstrom (Karlstad University)
        * Philipp S. Tiesel (SAP SE)

        * TBD: Follow-up on items from IETF 111 session
        * Finding another recurring interim slot
        * Issues:
        * PRs:

Notes from today:
        * Feedback from IETF 111, tools
                * Good to have high-level discussions at IETF meetings
                        * Not sure if we have enough high-level discussion
                        items to have a WG meeting every IETF. Maybe every
                * Volunteers for shepherding: People who happen to not be
                co-authoring the particular doc
                        * Implementation: Brian
                        * Interface: Anna
                        * Architecture: Michael
                * Try out meetecho for interim meetings?
                        * Can use it similar to Webex (people just unmute and
                        share video without focus on presentation/queue) * Does
                        it support grid view? There's a tab for that * Can
                        always fail over to Webex
                * FYI, Etherpad is going away --> switch to
                (CodiMD) in the future
        * Mappings
                * Tommy to update QUIC mapping draft and ask for feedback in
                QUIC * Repo:
                * Other potential new doc: HTTP (including fallback between H1,
                H2 and H3)
        * Finding another recurring interim slot
                * Friday might not work as well in the future
                * Theresa to set up a Doodle and send it to the TAPS list: