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Minutes interim-2022-elegy-01: Tue 10:00

Meeting Minutes NomCom Eligibility Update (elegy) WG
Date and time 2022-09-27 14:00
Title Minutes interim-2022-elegy-01: Tue 10:00
State Active
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Last updated 2022-09-27


Virtual Interim meeting 2022-09-27 1400 UTC.

  1. Note Well and Agenda Bashing

  2. WG management decisions (how will we work).

Belief that going forward that everything that was in 8989 is already
consensed, and that is the default.
That in order to change things we need active consensus to change this.

JH: reminds that we need to confirm this on the list.
RS: what, realistically is the real most publish date for this document?

BL: end of November, right after IETF115 meeting.

  1. Editorial Issues with Adopted Document

Martin shares github, and some PRs for editorial stuff were already done
and were committed.

  • MD: todo to have an available data section. Don't have any data, and
    do not have a strong conviction about what should be there. Please
    send data if you have it, or have ideas about what should go there.
  • RS: Robert has to generate the data, and to do so, need really well
    defined questions for this. Have some implementation to finish
    before the data can be produced. It will be mid-October before
    anything can be provided. So, fits into November deadline.
  • RS: But, first, would like to challenge if we really need any more
    data? When we were doing the experiment, we need to prove it. But
    maybe it is a distraction to get the data out?
  • MD: if nobody responds to the question, then maybe we need results
    of the experiment.
  • MCR: is there data that we should be produced regularly that should
    be specified in this document? Is this data that we need to produce
    regularly, or can it be produced retroactively easily?
  • RS: for the 2021 nomcom, we are getting some data with some
    integrity checks already, so going forward, we can get better data.
  • MCR: but do we need to specify reports?
  • RS: the data that we need to get is just never going to be going
  • MD: the Security Considerations has some hints about there might
    need to be indicators.
  • BL: this document is ending the experimenting, rather than starting
    it. Not the point to argue to prolong the experiment.
  • MD: leave this open for awhile, have not got a clear direction yet.

  • MD: more substantive item is directorate eligibility proposal.
    Originally proposed this when the number of remote people was going
    to be curtailed? Do we really want people just doing directorate
    reviews? Probably no.

  • RS: looked at membership of directorate, just being a member will be
    noisy, so will need some aspect of doing actual reviews. That exact
    threshold might be difficult to establish and get consensus on.

  • MD: another issue, not yet in github, is authorship of the document.
    Could hand the pen away, could bring on co-author, or do nothing and
    drive on.

  • BL a few people thought it would be good to have a co-author.
  • JK more concerned that we discuss it. Just concerned that it not
    happen by accident.
  • BL we develop community consensus on this, and if someone disagrees
    then they have an avenue to complain.
  • JK we always say that, but it never quite works... but is okay.
  1. Core Content issue with Document

next steps: clean up acknowledgements, wait for additional comments...
then WGLC.

  • DE: would like to simplify things, do not think we need all three
  • MD: as we are expanding to do the remote attendance, then the other
    paths are far less important now.
  • BL: we are looking for people who are familiar with the IETF, which
    does not necessarily mean that they are going to meetings. Would not
    like to remove other paths.

BL will post to the list the plan that he started with, that we need
proposals for change. The idea to finalize things for IETF115.

  1. AOB

DE = Donald Eastlake
JK = John Klensin
JH = Joel Halpern
RS = Robert Sparks
BL = Barry Leiba
MCR= Michael Richardson
MD = Martin Duke