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Minutes interim-2023-asdf-01: Thu 15:00

Meeting Minutes A Semantic Definition Format for Data and Interactions of Things (asdf) WG
Date and time 2023-01-12 15:00
Title Minutes interim-2023-asdf-01: Thu 15:00
State Active
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Last updated 2023-01-12


ASDF - AGENDA for January 12th 2023 interim meeting
Meeting: ASDF WG, 1500-1615 UTC, January 12th, 2023


Blue Sheets by Meetecho

Chairs: Michael Richardson and Niklas Widell

Etherpad/CodiMD: (this file)

These notes at:

Note Well
Logistics for Meeting

  • five people, very small virtual interim.

WG status update and planning (Chairs - 5 min)

  • discussion about whether or not we are going to meet at IETF116.

    • decision is that we think we should meet, that it might attract
      new contributors, and we will plan to have some kind of demo to
      motivate the work.
  • we have five additional documents written for parts that were not
    appropriate for the main document.

    • some attrition of authors, but the documents are valuable and
      should be maintained
  • recent diff:

Getting SDF ready for WGLC

  • half a year since -12, "the steam went somewhere else", we did use
    the time to make sure that the OneDM requirements were in fact

    • the OneDM completeness phase is completed, and we just need to
      zip things up.
    • -13 has the one PR that fixes a small bug in the CDDL.
    • no PRs, 17 open issues of varying urgency
    • 7 groups of issues...

      • info block, #29 to Ari
      • sdfType,
      • Names
      • sdfChoice vs enum: Ari suggests disallow having both. Koster
        expressed scepticism that the sdfMerge can work. If the
        enums get large, then one wants to manage it
        programatically. Ari will add new issue.
      • otherDocuments:
      • blocked/chores: are there schema extensions involved?
      • should we do sdfERelations/Link draft? Should we write some
        fragments of CDDL?
      • will add some automated checks during WGLC.
      • Editorial issues
      • the unknown group, including #88 that Ari just submitted.
    • how long will this work take? Depends upon how much input we
      get, but we should do -14 in about four weeks. Should we define
      some target?

    • proposed to have a virtual interim meeting on Week 9. (early


finished: 11:12.