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Minutes interim-2024-netconf-01: Thu 14:00

Meeting Minutes Network Configuration (netconf) WG
Date and time 2024-01-25 14:00
Title Minutes interim-2024-netconf-01: Thu 14:00
State Active
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Last updated 2024-01-25


NETCONF-WG Interim Meeting 2024-01-25

A lot of the discussion during the meeting was around:

  • Design team focus (extensions, minor/major protocol upgrade)
  • Ways of working (mailing list, issue tracker, interims,
    recurring meetings)
  • Encompassing current protocol extensions in bis documents.
  • How YANG-next affects the protocol work

The conclusion was that the design teams and volunteers
ultimately decides on what to work on and how.

The design teams have mailing lists to coordinate the efforts:

Volunteers for design teams announced during the meeting:

  • Per Andersson
  • Kent Watsen
  • Qin Wu
  • Ramkumar Rajagoplan
  • Quifang Ma

Next steps going forward:

  • Mail the NETCONF WG about this interim meeting, announcing
    the 6241bis and 8040bis github repositories and asking for
    volunteers to the design teams.
  • Create the above github repositories.
  • Second mail to the NETCONF WG announcing created repositories
    and also posting a doodle poll to select good dates and times
    for kick-off meetings for the design teams.