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Early Review of draft-ding-rtgwg-arp-yang-model-02

Request Review of draft-ding-rtgwg-arp-yang-model
Requested revision No specific revision (document currently at 02)
Type Early Review
Team Routing Area Directorate (rtgdir)
Deadline 2018-07-31
Requested 2018-07-16
Requested by Jeff Tantsura
Authors ding xiaojian, Feng Zheng , Robert Wilton
I-D last updated 2018-08-01
Completed reviews Rtgdir Early review of -02 by Mach Chen
Assignment Reviewer Mach Chen
State Completed
Request Early review on draft-ding-rtgwg-arp-yang-model by Routing Area Directorate Assigned
Reviewed revision 02
Result Has issues
Completed 2018-08-01

I have been selected to do a routing directorate “early” review of this draft.

The routing directorate will, on request from the working group chair, perform
an “early” review of a draft before it is submitted for publication to the
IESG. The early review can be performed at any time during the draft’s lifetime
as a working group document. The purpose of the early review depends on the
stage that the document has reached. As this document is in working group last
call, my focus for the review was to determine whether the document is ready to
be published. Please consider my comments along with the other working group
last call comments.

For more information about the Routing Directorate, please see

Document: draft-ding-rtgwg-arp-yang-model-02
 Reviewer: Mach Chen
 Review Date: 01 August 2018
 Intended Status: Standards Track


The draft  defines a YANG model for ARP configurations, which covers static
ARP, ARP caching, proxy ARP and gratuitous ARP. The model is very short and the
content is straightforward. It can be a reasonable start point for WG adoption

General comments:

Although I am not a native English speaker, I also feel that the document needs
some enhancements on its wording and grammar to make it more clean and readable.

For example,  the following text needs some rewording or may be removed.
"The data model performs as
   a guideline for configuring ARP capabilities on a system.  It is
   intended this model be used by service providers who manipulate
   devices from different vendors in a standard way."

Specific comments:

1. It's lack of the IANA section.

2. Section 3.1 and Section 3.3,  suggest to add relevant references to ARP
caching and gratuitous ARP.

3.  import ietf-interfaces {
    prefix if;
      "A Network Management Datastore Architecture (NMDA)
       compatible version of the ietf-interfaces module
       is required.";
  import ietf-ip {
    prefix ip;
      "A Network Management Datastore Architecture (NMDA)
       compatible version of the ietf-ip module is

Lack of the reference RFCs.
And the descriptions seem not appropriate, some of other descriptions in this
document have the similar issue, suggest to revise those descriptions.

In addition, idnits tool shows:

== Missing Reference: 'RFC826' is mentioned on line 77, but not defined

  == Missing Reference: 'RFC6536' is mentioned on line 583, but not defined

  ** Obsolete undefined reference: RFC 6536 (Obsoleted by RFC 8341)

  == Unused Reference: 'I-D.ietf-netmod-rfc7223bis' is defined on line 606,
     but no explicit reference was found in the text

  == Unused Reference: 'RFC0826' is defined on line 636, but no explicit
     reference was found in the text

Best regards,