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Routing Area Directorate (rtgdir)

Unassigned and open review requests and assignments

Request Type Requested Deadline Document state IESG Telechat
Unassigned review requests
Request Type Requested Deadline Reviewer Document state IESG Telechat
Open review requests
draft-ietf-teas-enhanced-vpn-11 Early 2023-01-31 2023-02-13 Christian Hopps I-D Exists
draft-ietf-roll-dao-projection-31 Last Call 2023-01-16 2023-02-03 4 days Julien Meuric Accepted AD is watching
draft-ietf-bess-evpn-mh-pa-07 Early 2022-11-17 2022-12-02 67 days Ketan Talaulikar Accepted I-D Exists
draft-ietf-sfc-oam-packet-02 Last Call 2022-09-20 2022-06-27 225 days Lou Berger Waiting for Writeup

Closed review requests and assignments

Request Type Requested Deadline Closed State
Closed review requests
Request Type Assigned Deadline Closed Reviewer State Result
Closed review assignments
draft-ietf-lisp-pubsub Last Call 2023-01-16 2023-01-26 2023-01-23 Mike McBride Completed Has Nits
draft-ietf-elegy-rfc8989bis Last Call 2023-01-16 2023-01-23 2023-01-27 Acee Lindem Completed Has Nits
draft-ietf-shmoo-remote-fee Last Call 2023-01-16 2023-01-23 2023-01-23 Nicolai Leymann Completed Ready
draft-ietf-opsawg-sap-13 Telechat 2023-01-16 2023-01-18 2023-01-17 Mach Chen Completed Ready
draft-ietf-teas-ietf-network-slices-17 Early 2023-01-16 2023-01-20 2023-01-21 He Jia Completed Has Nits
draft-ietf-roll-dao-projection-31 Last Call 2023-01-16 2023-02-03 2023-01-16 Christian Hopps Rejected
draft-ietf-detnet-oam-framework Early 2022-10-13 2022-10-27 2023-01-19 Tal Mizrahi Completed Has Nits
draft-ietf-bess-bgp-sdwan-usage Early 2022-10-13 2022-10-31 2023-01-29 Shuping Peng Completed Ready