Service Function Chaining (SFC) Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) Framework
RFC 8924

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Authors Sam Aldrin  , Carlos Pignataro  , Nagendra Nainar  , Ramki Krishnan  , Anoop Ghanwani 
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Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)                         S. Aldrin
Request for Comments: 8924                                        Google
Category: Informational                                C. Pignataro, Ed.
ISSN: 2070-1721                                            N. Kumar, Ed.
                                                             R. Krishnan
                                                             A. Ghanwani
                                                            October 2020

    Service Function Chaining (SFC) Operations, Administration, and
                      Maintenance (OAM) Framework


   This document provides a reference framework for Operations,
   Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) for Service Function Chaining

Status of This Memo

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Table of Contents

   1.  Introduction
     1.1.  Document Scope
     1.2.  Acronyms and Terminology
       1.2.1.  Acronyms
       1.2.2.  Terminology
   2.  SFC Layering Model
   3.  SFC OAM Components
     3.1.  The SF Component
       3.1.1.  SF Availability
       3.1.2.  SF Performance Measurement
     3.2.  The SFC Component
       3.2.1.  SFC Availability
       3.2.2.  SFC Performance Measurement
     3.3.  Classifier Component
     3.4.  Underlay Network
     3.5.  Overlay Network
   4.  SFC OAM Functions
     4.1.  Connectivity Functions
     4.2.  Continuity Functions
     4.3.  Trace Functions
     4.4.  Performance Measurement Functions
   5.  Gap Analysis
     5.1.  Existing OAM Functions
     5.2.  Missing OAM Functions
     5.3.  Required OAM Functions
   6.  Operational Aspects of SFC OAM at the Service Layer
     6.1.  SFC OAM Packet Marker
     6.2.  OAM Packet Processing and Forwarding Semantic
     6.3.  OAM Function Types
   7.  Candidate SFC OAM Tools
     7.1.  ICMP
     7.2.  BFD / Seamless BFD
     7.3.  In Situ OAM
     7.4.  SFC Traceroute
   8.  Manageability Considerations
   9.  Security Considerations
   10. IANA Considerations
   11. Informative References
   Authors' Addresses

1.  Introduction

   Service Function Chaining (SFC) enables the creation of composite
   services that consist of an ordered set of Service Functions (SFs)
   that are to be applied to any traffic selected as a result of
   classification [RFC7665].  SFC is a concept that provides for more
   than just the application of an ordered set of SFs to selected
   traffic; rather, it describes a method for deploying SFs in a way
   that enables dynamic ordering and topological independence of those
   SFs as well as the exchange of metadata between participating
   entities.  The foundations of SFC are described in the following

   *  SFC Problem Statement [RFC7498]

   *  SFC Architecture [RFC7665]

   The reader is assumed to be familiar with the material in [RFC7665].

   This document provides a reference framework for Operations,
   Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) [RFC6291] of SFC.
   Specifically, this document provides:

   *  an SFC layering model (Section 2),

   *  aspects monitored by SFC OAM (Section 3),

   *  functional requirements for SFC OAM (Section 4),

   *  a gap analysis for SFC OAM (Section 5),

   *  operational aspects of SFC OAM at the service layer (Section 6),

   *  applicability of various OAM tools (Section 7), and

   *  manageability considerations for SF and SFC (Section 8).
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