Moving RFC 4405, RFC 4406, RFC 4407 (Sender-ID) to Historic

Document Proposed status change Moving RFC 4405, RFC 4406, RFC 4407 (Sender-ID) to Historic
Last updated 2018-06-10
Moves to Historic RFC4407, RFC4405, RFC4406
State IESG Evaluation
IESG Telechat date On agenda of 2018-06-21 IESG telechat
Has enough positions to pass.
Shepherding AD Alexey Melnikov
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   In 2006, two experiments were started for email authentication: Sender
Policy Framework (SPF, RFC 4408) and Sender ID (RFC 4406, supported by
RFCs 4405 and 4407).  After eight years of experimental data (RFC
6686), it was clear that SPF remained in widespread use while Sender
ID did not.  RFC 7208 moved SPF from Experimental status to Proposed
Standard.  This document acknowledges that Sender ID did not pass its
experiment, and changes the status of RFCs 4405, 4406, and 4407 to