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Move RFC 7506 to Historic

Document Status change Move RFC 7506 to Historic
Last updated 2024-05-30
Moves to Historic RFC7506
State Approved - announcement sent
IESG Telechat date (None)
Responsible AD Jim Guichard
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Status Change for RFC 7506 – “IPv6 Router Alert Option for MPLS Operations,
Administration, and Maintenance (OAM)” to historic.

RFC 7506 allocated IPv6 Router Alert Option (RAO) value that can be used by the
MPLS Echo Request and MPLS Echo Reply messages for MPLS in IPv6 environments.

The Router Alert Option for IPv4 environments was specified by RFC 8029.

RFC 9570 retires the RAO for MPLS OAM for both IPv4 and IPv6 environments. The
document updates RFC 8029 to remove the RAO from MPLS Echo Request and Echo
Reply message encapsulations. Furthermore, RFC 9570 explains why RFC 7506
should be marked historic.

This status change document marks RFC 7506 as historic.