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Education and Outreach Directorate (eodir)

Directorate Name Education and Outreach Directorate
Acronym eodir
Area General Area (gen)
State Active
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Personnel Chairs Dhruv Dhody, Greg Wood, Karen O'Donoghue
Area Director Roman Danyliw
Delegates Alexa Morris, Laura Nugent, Rich Salz
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Group description

The IETF Education & Outreach Directorate strives to enhance the productivity of IETF work, expand the diversity and inclusiveness of the IETF, and enable the IETF to facilitate technical development and innovation in the Internet.

In support of this goal, this directorate structures and guides the various educational activities and associated materials for IETF newcomers, IETF leadership, and IETF participants so that they are more accessible, relevant, reusable, and broadly understandable. The directorate also coordinates various mentoring activities for new IETF participants to help them to quickly become productive IETF contributors. This directorate serves as a coordination function for IETF related outreach activities directed at participants, ensuring that related activities are sufficiently coordinated and have the necessary education and mentoring program support. The projects of the directorate are organized around a number of distinct audiences including IETF newcomers, IETF participants in general, IETF participants from specific communities or regions, and the IETF leadership including working group chairs. The directorate works on improved metrics and measurements for assessing the effectiveness of directorate activities.

This directorate serves the General (GEN) area in IETF with coordinator(s) appointed by the IETF chair. Other participants include project leaders of the defined education, mentoring, and outreach projects; the IESG liaison to educational activities, a liaison to the tools team, IETF LLC Communications staff, IETF Secretariat staff, and other invited individuals.

Current directorate projects are:

  • Face-to-face and online tutorials and webinars together with a repository of online learning materials
  • Current educational online content assessment and reorganization
  • IETF Guides program and Quick Connections
  • WG chairs forum
  • Assessment metrics and measurements