Network Configuration (netconf)

WG Name Network Configuration
Acronym netconf
Area Operations and Management Area (ops)
State Active
Charter charter-ietf-netconf-20 Approved
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Personnel Chairs Kent Watsen 
Mahesh Jethanandani 
Area Director Robert Wilton 
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Charter for Working Group

The NETCONF Working Group, previously named after the NETCONF protocol, now renamed as the NETwork CONFiguration Working Group, is responsible for the development and maintenance of protocols such as NETCONF and RESTCONF for YANG data model-driven management (for the purposes of, for example, configuration, monitoring, telemetry, and zero-touch), their transports and encodings, defining data models necessary to support the protocols, and defining mechanisms supporting the operational deployment of systems using the protocols.

The NETCONF protocol is data modeling language independent, but YANG (RFC 7950) is the recommended NETCONF data modeling language, which introduces advanced language features for configuration management.

The NETCONF WG is currently responsible for:

a) The network management protocol NETCONF (RFC 6241). This effort entails periodically updating the NETCONF related specifications to address new requirements as they arise.

b) The network management protocol RESTCONF (RFC 8040). This effort entails periodically updating the RESTCONF related specifications to address new requirements as they arise.

c) The transports and encodings used by the data model-driven protocols.

d) The data models and mechanisms related to network management protocols. Specifically, data models enabling the configuration and/or monitoring of the protocols themselves. Other examples include data models for configuring access controls or discovering server metadata.

e) The data models for subscriptions to data, and protocol bindings for pushing subscribed data to clients, for the purpose of monitoring and telemetry.

f) The mechanisms enabling devices zero-touch provisioning and the related call home functions.

The NETCONF working group consults with the NETMOD working group to
ensure that new requirements are understood and can be met by the
YANG data modeling language (RFC 7950) developed within that working


Date Milestone
1 Dec 2018 Submit draft-ietf-netconf-udp-pub-channel to IESG for publication (as Standards Track)
1 Dec 2018 WGLC for Client and Server Configuration Models for SSH and TLS
1 Dec 2018 WGLC for Server and Client Configuration Models for NETCONF and RESTCONF
1 Dec 2018 WGLC for System-level Keystore Mechanism
1 Sep 2018 WGLC for YANG Notification Headers and Bundles
1 Sep 2018 WGLC for NETCONF Support for Event Notifications
1 Sep 2018 WGLC for RESTCONF and HTTP Transport for Event Notifications
1 Sep 2018 WGLC for YANG Push
1 Sep 2018 WGLC for advanced Notification/Subscription Specifications

Done milestones

Date Milestone
Done WGLC for Zero-touch Configuration Mechanism
Done WGLC for YANG Library bis (as Standards Track)

6 new milestones currently in Area Director review.