Plenary Planning (plenary-planning)

Program Name Plenary Planning
Acronym plenary-planning
State Active
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- IANA Program
Personnel Leads Brian Trammell
Melinda Shore
Members Allison Mankin
Corinne Cath
Dirk Kutscher
Gabriel Montenegro
Lee Howard
Mark Nottingham
Mary Barnes
Suzanne Woolf
Wes Hardaker
XiaoDong Lee


The Plenary Planning Program seeks out topics for IETF Technical Plenary meetings. Typically, a Tech Plenary will feature one to three speakers on a topic that is of interest to at least several IETF Areas, and informs our work. The Program is always looking for interesting speakers, and suggestions are always welcome at

Program Description

The Plenary Planning Program will identify informative and entertaining programs for the Tech Plenary at each IETF meeting. Potential presenters will normally be invited to give a Tech Chat to the IAB, as a way to familiarize the IAB with their work and presentation style.

Ideas for potential presenters may come from anywhere, but should be topical, informative, and relate to multiple areas of IETF work.