Schema Registration (schema) Concluded WG

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WG Name Schema Registration
Acronym schema
Area Applications Area (app)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-schema-01 Approved
Dependencies Document dependency graph (SVG)
Personnel Chair Chris Weider 
Editor Chris Apple 
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Charter for Working Group

In order to achieve the goal of interoperable directory services,
implementors must agree on standard object classes and attribute types.
There are a growing number of places where schema for Internet Directory
Services and Internet Operations are being defined. This plethora of
schemas makes interoperation difficult, but is unavoidable. A listing
service providing a single point of discovery for white-pages schema
will promote schema reuse, reduce duplication of effort, and thus
promote directory service interoperability.

This working group will create the standards necessary to deploy a
schema listing service. This service will be deployed by 1 January 1998.
The standards will use the following design criteria:

- Schema are 'listed' rather than 'registered'.

- The process of listing schema will be centralized for the initial

- The database which provides the listing store will be centrally

These criteria will reduce administrative overhead, reduce the number of
protocol and process elements which need to be defined, and do not
preclude the provision of additional functionality if the community
decides it is necessary.

To this end, the work items include:

Determining the minimum namespace for the listing service.

Determining which syntaxes are allowed for listing.

Finding a document editor.

Deciding whether and how to allow modifications and amendments to the
listed schema.

Determining the functionality and operational requirements for the
listing service.

Determining who has instruction authority over the listing database.


Date Milestone
1 Jan 1998 Deploy listing service, close working group
1 Jan 1998 Submit Listing Requirements document as Informational RFC
1 Jan 1998 Submit Listing Procedure document as Informational RFC
1 Nov 1997 Submit Listing Procedure document as Internet Draft