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Security Area (sec)

Area Name Security Area
Acronym sec
State Active
Additional resources Issue tracker, Security Area Web Page
Group statistics
Personnel Area Directors Paul Wouters, Roman Danyliw

Group description

The Security Area is the home for working groups focused on security protocols. They provide one or more of the security services: integrity, authentication, non-repudiation, confidentiality, and access control. Since many of the security mechanisms needed to provide these security services employ cryptography, key management is also vital.

The Security Area intersects with all other IETF Areas, and the participants are frequently involved with activities in the working groups from other areas. This involvement focuses upon practical application of Security Area protocols and technologies to the protocols of other Areas.

Groups in SEC

Group Name Type
Security Area Open Meeting AG
Security Area Directorate Directorate (with reviews)
Authentication and Authorization for Constrained Environments WG
Automated Certificate Management Environment WG
CBOR Object Signing and Encryption WG
DANE Authentication for Network Clients Everywhere WG
EAP Method Update WG
Grant Negotiation and Authorization Protocol WG
IP Security Maintenance and Extensions WG
Javascript Object Signing and Encryption WG
Key Transparency WG
Common Authentication Technology Next Generation WG
Lightweight Authenticated Key Exchange WG
Limited Additional Mechanisms for PKIX and SMIME WG
Messaging Layer Security WG
Web Authorization Protocol WG
Oblivious HTTP Application Intermediation WG
Open Specification for Pretty Good Privacy WG
Privacy Preserving Measurement WG
Post-Quantum Use In Protocols WG
Privacy Pass WG
Remote ATtestation ProcedureS WG
Supply Chain Integrity, Transparency, and Trust WG
Security Dispatch WG
Software Updates for Internet of Things WG
Trusted Execution Environment Provisioning WG
Transport Layer Security WG