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IAB Workshop on Wireless Internetworking (wirelessws)

Team Name IAB Workshop on Wireless Internetworking
Acronym wirelessws
State Active
Additional resources RFC 3002: Overview of 2000 IAB Wireless Internetworking Workshop

Group description


The Internet Architecture Board held a workshop on Wireless Internetworking on February 29-March 2, 2000. The goal of the workshop was to insure that the Internet Protocols are suitable for the wireless environment. The workshop was organized by Bob Hinden and held at Nokia’s Mountain View, California, US facility.


Wireless devices with internet capabilities are expected to be deployed in very large numbers in the next five years. It is likely that in this time period there may be more wireless internet devices than the current type internet devices such as PC’s. This trend will have a large effect on the Internet. It is important to make sure that the internet protocols (IP through Applications) are suitable for these devices. This workshop will provide an opportunity to examine the issues related to wireless IP and determine what work should be done.

Several types of wireless networks that will be deployed in large numbers will be discussed. They represent three categories: wide area, local area, and limited area. These are:

  • GPRS Cellular
  • IEEE 802.11
  • Bluetooth

Issues to be examined relating to running IP over wireless include:

  • Bandwidth scarcity
  • Error rates
  • Connectivity
  • Autoconfiguration
  • Routing / Discovery
  • Privacy and Authentication
  • Transport issues
  • Realtime vs. non-realtime
  • QOS
  • Transport error detection
  • Hidden terminal problem
  • Mobile IP
  • Address allocation / assignment
  • VoIP Requirements
  • Application support in wireless environment

Another important goal of the workshop is to look at the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). WAP is currently being deployed in very large numbers. It is complementary to IP at best. Issues to be investigated include:

  • Can IP provide all of what WAP promises?
  • Can IP coexist w/ WAP?
  • Transition from WAP to IP?

The meeting will produce two types of output. The first is joint education between the IP and wireless communities. This should serve to have each group better informed about the other. The second is specific actions that the IETF should doing. This is expected to be a combination of work items for existing working groups and new working groups that should be created. Also, a meeting report will be written that describes the meeting and it’s conclusions.


See the Materials tab on this page for slides

  • Introduction / Bob Hinden
  • Overview of Wireless IP Devices / Heikki Hammainen
  • Local Area Wireless Technologies
    • Overview of IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN’s & Issues Running IP over IEEE 802.11? / Juha Ala-Laurila
    • Overview of Bluetooth wireless & Issues running IP over Bluetooth / Pravin Bhagwat
  • Cellular Wireless
    • Overview of Cellular Data Systems & Approaches to more IP centric Cellular Data System / Jonne Soinien
    • IP packet data service over IS-95 CDMA / Phil Karn
    • Wireless Internet Networking / Chih-Lin I
    • Mobile IP in Cellular Data Systems / Charlie Perkins
  • Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
    • Overview of WAP / Alastair Angwin
    • Mobile Wireless Internet Forum (MWIF) / Alastair Angwin
    • Some WAP History / Jerry Lahti
  • Other Related Wireless Applications
    • Near-space Wireless Applications / Mark Allman
    • Air Traffic/Aviation Wireless / Chris Wargo
  • VoIP over Wireless / Christian Huitema
  • Security over Wireless
    • Security Issues in Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing / N. Asokan
    • Security for Mobile IP in 3G Networks / Pat Calhoun
  • Transport & QOS over Wireless
    • On Inter-layer Assumptions (A View from the Transport Area) / Mark Handley
    • Does current Internet Transport work over Wireless? / Sally Floyd
    • QOS for Wireless (Diff Serv, Int Serv, other?) / Lixia Zhang
    • Realtime Traffic over Cellular Access Networks / Lars Westberg
  • Do current WWW Protocols work over Wireless and Small Screen Devices? / Gabriel Montenegro
  • Compression & Bit Error Requirements for Wireless / Mikael Degemark
  • Application Support / Victor Bahl
  • Addressing Requirements for Wireless Devices & IPv6 / Bob Hinden
  • Break Out Sessions to develop Recommendations/Actions
    • What can the IETF learn from Wireless Organizations? How to approach the walled garden issue?
    • Cost of staying with IPv4 for wireless systems (instead of moving to IPv6)( PPT )
    • Compare IPv6 and IPv4 Mobile IP solutions. Is IPv6 Mobile IP simple enough and has it solved operator problems?
    • What do we need to do to make TCP work well with wireless?
  • Meeting Summary
    • Recommendations and actions
    • Layout of workshop report


IESG/IAB Attendees

  • Geoff Huston / IAB
  • Randy Bush / IESG
  • Brian Carpenter / IAB
  • John Klensin / IAB
  • Erik Nordmark /IESG
  • Fred Baker / IESG
  • Allison Mankin / IESG
  • Scott Bradner / IESG
  • Keith Moore / IESG
  • Tony Hain / IAB


  • Heikki Hammainen
  • Juha Ala-Laurila
  • Pravin Bhagwat
  • Jonne Soinien
  • Phil
  • Chih-Lin I
  • Charlie Perkins
  • Jerry Lahti
  • Alastair Angwin
  • Mark Allman
  • Chris Wargo
  • Christian Huitema
    1. Asokan
  • Pat Calhoun
  • Sally Floyd
  • Lixia Zhang
  • Lars Westberg
  • Mark Handley
  • Gabriel Montenegro
  • Mikael Degemark
  • Victor Bahl
  • Van Jacobson


  • Bob Hinden / Organizer
  • Danny Mitzel / Minute taker