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Web and Internet Transport (wit)

Area Name Web and Internet Transport
Acronym wit
State Active
Group statistics
Personnel Area Directors Francesca Palombini, Zaheduzzaman Sarker

Group description

The Web and Internet Transport (WIT) area covers protocols that provide the functions of the Transport Layer of the Internet, such as QUIC, TCP, UDP, SCTP, and DCCP, including congestion control and queue management. It also has responsibility for protocols that implement the World Wide Web (like HTTP) and adjacent technologies.

Groups in WIT

Group Name Type
Web and Internet Transport Area Open Meeting AG
HTTP Directorate Directorate (with reviews)
Audio/Video Transport Core Maintenance WG
Congestion Control Working Group WG
Content Delivery Networks Interconnection WG
Constrained RESTful Environments WG
Building Blocks for HTTP APIs WG
Multiplexed Application Substrate over QUIC Encryption WG
Media Over QUIC WG
Network File System Version 4 WG
Transport Services WG
TCP Maintenance and Minor Extensions WG
Transport and Services Working Group WG
WebTransport WG
WebRTC Ingest Signaling over HTTPS WG