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YANG Doctors (yangdoctors)

Directorate (with reviews) Name YANG Doctors
Acronym yangdoctors
Area Operations and Management Area (ops)
State Active
Additional resources NETCONF WG Wiki
Reviews of external documents and old assignments
YANG Doctors Detailed Review Procedure
YANG Questions/Answers
YANG review tools
YANG security guidelines
Personnel Area Director Mahesh Jethanandani
Secretaries Dan Romascanu, Mehmet Ersue
Reviewers Acee Lindem
Andy Bierman
Dan Romascanu
Ebben Aries
Jan Lindblad
Joe Clarke
Jürgen Schönwälder
Kent Watsen
Ladislav Lhotka
Martin Björklund
Michal Vaško
Per Andersson
Qiufang Ma
Reshad Rahman
Xufeng Liu
Mailing list Address

Group description

The YANG doctors/reviewers are supposed to help the OPS AD responsible for Network Management to review documents containing a YANG module that are destined to be published.

The YANG doctors/reviewers can also act as NETCONF/YANG advisors to WGs in any area of the IETF. Such is normally arranged between the WG chairs and the responsible ADs.

All documents with a YANG module will be passed by a YANG doctors review before they will be approved by the IESG. A YANG Doctors review must be done before or during WG LC. The review may be repeated during the IETF LC with the same reviewer if WG chairs see it as helpful. Early reviews before WGLC may be done with a document assumed to be stable if the WG needs particular help and to catch up issues early especially regarding YANG module structure etc. More detailed guidance on YANG Doctors process can be found at: <> (YANG Doctors Detailed Review Procedure).

WG chairs and/or responsible ADs are in charge to request the YANG Doctors review via the Datatracker page of the draft.

In forthcoming YANG reviews the YANG Doctors will be applying the Guidelines for Authors and Reviewers of YANG Data Model Documents see BCP 216 (RFC 8407).

The YANG review will be sent to the YANG doctors mailing list (, to the draft authors, WG chairs, and the respective AD. The way to reach the authors, WG chairs, and respective AD is to send an email to <draft-name> .

The YANG doctors are all volunteers. Below are guidelines for the response time :

  1. WG document going to WGLC: The general practice is 2 weeks, can be extended up to 4 weeks.
  2. WG document under development: Usually 3 weeks, can be extended up to 8 weeks.
  3. Stable non-WG document planned to publish: Initial deadline for 4 weeks, reviewed as best effort.