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Research in Motion Limited's Statement of IPR relating to draft-allen-dispatch-imei-urn-as-instanceid-00

This IPR disclosure was submitted by e-mail.

Sections I, II, and IV of "The Patent Disclosure and Licensing Declaration Template for Legacy" have been completed for this IPR disclosure. Additional information may be available in the original submission.

The text of the original IPR disclosure is available further down, and also here:

Update this IPR disclosure. Note: Updates to IPR disclosures must only be made by authorized representatives of the original submitters. Updates will automatically be forwarded to the current Patent Holder's Contact and to the Submitter of the original IPR disclosure.

Submitted Date: October 12, 2010

I. Patent Holder/Applicant ("Patent Holder")
Legal Name: Research in Motion Limited
II. Patent Holder's Contact for License Application
Name: Tom Sanchez
Telephone: +1 972 373 1757
III. IETF Document or Other Contribution to Which this IPR Disclosure Relates:
Internet-Draft:"Using the International Mobile station Equipment Identity (IMEI) Uniform Resource Name (URN) as an Instance ID"
Designations for Other Contributions:draft-montemurro-gsma-imei-urn-05

The text of the original IPR declaration:

Title:  Research In Motion Limited's Statement of IPR related to draft-allen-dispatch-imei-urn-as-instanceid-00
Date: 2010-10-12
Submitter: "Jon Jurgovan" 


On behalf of Research In Motion Limited, this is to submit an IPR
disclosure in accordance with Section 6, "IPR Disclosures," of RFC 3979,
"Intellectual Property Rights in IETF Technology."

Particulars of this IPR disclosure are as follows:

I. Patent Holder/ Applicant ("Patent Holder")

Legal Name: Research In Motion Limited

II. Patent Holder's Contact for License Application

Name: Tom Sanchez
Telephone: +1 972 373 1757

III. Contact Information for the IETF Participant Whose
Personal Belief Triggered this Disclosure:

Name: Andrew Allen
Telephone: +1 847 809 8636

IV. IETF Document or Other Contribution to Which this IPR
Disclosure Relates:

I-D Filenames: draft-allen-dispatch-imei-urn-as-instanceid-00
Designations for Other Contributions: draft-montemurro-gsma-imei-urn-05

V. Disclosure of Patent Information (i.e., patents or
patent applications required to be disclosed by Section 6 of RFC3979)

A. Application Number: 11/158955

Date applied for: 22 June 2005

Country: US

B. This application does NOT relate to an unpublished pending
patent application (the application was published as U.S. Patent
Application No. 2007/0002831 on 04 January 2007).

I. Licensing Declaration

The Patent Holder states that its position with respect to licensing any
patent claims contained in the patent(s) or patent application(s)
disclosed above that would necessarily be infringed by implementation of
the technology required by the relevant IETF specification ("Necessary
Patent Claims"), for the purpose of implementing such specification, is
as follows:

(X) see text below for Licensing Declaration.

To the extent that the reference in IV., supra, is incorporated in an IETF RFC,
Research in Motion Limited informs that it and its Affiliates will make a license
available on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory ("FRAND") terms and
conditions based on reciprocity to all persons desiring to implement such IETF
RFC for those claims of the Disclosed Patents only that would, in the absence of
a license, be necessarily infringed by the use of a right (e.g. making using,
selling, importing, distribution, copying, etc) with respect to a technology
implementing such IETF RFC (the "License"). In this context, "necessarily
infringed" means that such claims are technically necessary to implement the
IETF RFC in question.

"Affiliate" of Research in Motion means any legal entity that is for the time
being directly or indirectly controlled by Research in Motion Limited.  Control
in this context, exists where one entity owns more than fifty percent (50%) of
the voting stock or equity in another entity, or regardless of stock or equity
ownership, is otherwise able to direct its affairs or to appoint a majority of
the members of the board of directors or an equivalent body to determine the
course of action of the entity by virtue of its voting or other rights.  Such
entities shall only be deemed to be Affiliates, hereunder for as long as such
control exists.

(X) The individual submitting this template represents and warrants that
all terms and conditions that must be satisfied for implementers of any
covered IETF specification to obtain a license have been disclosed in
this IPR disclosure statement.

Note: The individual submitting this template represents and warrants
that he or she is authorized by the Patent Holder to agree to the
above-selected licensing declaration.

II. Contact Information of Submitter of this Form

Name: Jon Jurgovan
Telephone: +1 972 310 1197

Best Regards,

Jon M. Jurgovan
Jon M. Jurgovan
Senior Patent Attorney
Standards and Licensing Group

Research In Motion Corporation
5000 Riverside Drive
Brazos West, Building 5
3rd Floor, Room 351
Irving, TX 75039

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