Liaison statement
IETF PWE3 Working Group Last Call on draft-ietf-pwe3-mpls-tp-gal-in-pw-00

Submission date 2011-02-17
From IETF PWE3 WG (Matthew Bocci)
To ITU-T SG15, Q9, Q10, Q12 and Q14 (Greg Jones)
Cc,,,,,,,,,,,, mpls-tp@ietf.or
Response contact,
Technical contact
Purpose For action
Deadline 2011-03-11 Action Needed
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The PWE3 working group would like to inform you that we have started a
working group last call on "Using the Generic Associated Channel Label
for Pseudowire in MPLS-TP" (draft-ietf-pwe3-mpls-tp-gal-in-pw-00).

This is a very short draft but since there are other MPLS-TP-related
last calls going on concurrently, this will be a three-week last call.

Since we intend to work the comments received through this working
group last call into the documents that will be discussed at the IETF
meeting in Prague, we would like to receive comments from the ITU-T by
March 11, 2011.

Matthew Bocci
Andrew Malis

IETF PWE3 Working Group Chairs