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Liaison statement
CIRs and address allocation

State Posted
Submitted Date 2011-02-25
From Group IAB
From Contact Patrik Fältström
To Group ITU-T
To Contacts
Cc Patrik Faltstrom <>
The IAB Chair <>
The IAB <>
The IAB Executive Director <>
Response Contact Patrik Fältström <>
Purpose For action
Deadline 2011-07-01 Action Needed
Attachments CIRs and address allocation
CIRs and address allocation
From: IAB
For Response to: ITU IPv6 Group
Response requested by: 2011/2/28
In response to: Liaisons LS 3-E, LS 4 - E, C 19 - E, LS 5-E and TD 3  from the IPv6 Working Group
Title: CIRs and address allocation
Submission date: 2011/2/25
Contact: Patrik Faltstrom,

Please see the two attached messages.

    Patrik Fältström