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Liaison statement
Response regarding LS-256, Draft Recommendation G.phnt, "Protocol for identifying home network topology"

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2011-06-01
From Group INT
From Contact Ralph Droms
To Group ITU-T-SG-15
To Contacts Greg Jones <>
Cc IETF Chair <>
Response Contact Eliot Lear <>
Technical Contact Ralph Droms <>
Purpose In response
Attachments (None)
Thank you for your liaison LS256 - Comments on Draft Recommendation
G.phnt "Protocol for identifying home network topology."  We have
reviewed the responses to the questions in our earlier liaison, and
conclude that our concerns have been resolved.  We do have two
responses to your liaison:

1. While G.phnt only addresses the home network/LAN, security is
always an issue and it would not be out of scope to consider adding an
explicit statement that a device using G.phnt to collect information
about the home network/LAN should take steps to ensure that the
information is not accessible through the WAN interface of the AGW.

2. Although most home networks today comprise a single link, the
deployment of IPv6 and new link-layer technologies such as IEEE
802.15.4 will enable and require the use of multiple links in the home
network.  Therefore, we anticipate future developments in home network
protocols such as G.phnt will have reason to be extended to work
across multiple links in the future.

We will review the final draft of G.phnt as provided with LS-258 and
respond with any additional comments.  The IESG thanks Q1/15 for its
productive dialog regarding Q.phnt.