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Liaison statement
Request for review of OSPFv2 extensions for ASON Routing

State Posted
Submitted Date 2011-06-06
From Group ccamp
From Contact Deborah Brungard
To Group ITU-T-SG-15
To Contacts
Response Contact
Technical Contact
Purpose For action
Deadline 2011-06-30 Action Taken
Attachments (None)
The CCAMP working group would like to inform Q14/15 of the ITU-T that we
have reopened our work on OSPFv2 extensions for ASON Routing which was
published as experimental RFC 5787. A draft revision has been accepted
as a working group document, and is following the standards track IETF
process. The working group document is available at:

The authors of the draft believe that the work is stable and
sufficiently stable to change to justify early assignment of codepoints.
Given that such early assignment implies that the WG believes
significant technical changes are unlikely, and considering the time
lapse since the last Liaison on this subject between our groups, we
request Q14/15 to review this latest version of the document and provide
us your feedback on if this document accurately reflects the
requirements of routing in an ASON environment. If you believe this
document does not accurate reflect the requirements, we request that you
identify the specific requirements that are not addressed.

To assist in your review, the authors provided a comparison to ASON
requirements summarized in a previous liaison:

We request that you respond with review comments by June 30th to allow
for publication of any needed updates in the draft prior to the Quebec
IETF. CCAMP appreciates your support and we are looking forward to
continuing exchange of information as we continue to progress this work.

Best regards,

Lou Berger and Deborah Brungard
CCAMP Working Group Co-chairs