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LS344 - Liaison on OTN Equipment (ITU-T G.798)

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Posted Date 2011-10-07
From Group ITU-T-SG-15
From Contact Greg Jones
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Attachments LS344 - Liaison on OTN Equipment (ITU-T G.798) - pdf body
LS344 - Liaison on OTN Equipment (ITU-T G.798) - pdf G798
LS344 - Liaison on OTN Equipment (ITU-T G.798) - G798 Amd1
ITU-T SG15 Q9 is pleased to inform you that Recommendation ITU-T G.798
“Characteristics of OTN Hierarchy Equipment Functional Blocks” and its
Amendment 1 have been approved.
ITU-T G.798 specifies both components and methodology that should be used to
specify OTN functionality of network elements. The components are specified to
support ODUs and client signal bit rates up to 100Gbit/s. It is used as the
basis to develop ITU-T G.874 “Management aspects of the optical transport
network element”
Amendment 1 contains additional text to ITU-T G.798 to complete the
specification of the mapping of  Ethernet Rates  (40GBE and 100GBE into ODU3
and ODU4 respectively) as well as additional management information needed for
ODU PT21 (ie. time slots of 1.25Gbit/s) multiplexing. An AIS generator for
pre-emption of extra traffic is also added to the ODU connection functions.

Attach: ITU-T G.798 and its Amendment 1