Liaison statement
LS368 - MPLS-TP Recommendations

Submission date 2012-01-08
From ITU-T SG 15 (Greg Jones)
To Multiprotocol Label Switching (,,
Response contact,,
Technical contact,,
Purpose For information
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LS368 - Att1_PLEN-517Rev3
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At the December 2011 meeting of ITU-T Study Group 15, Recommendation
ITU-T G.8110.1/Y.1370.1 “Architecture of MPLS Transport Profile
(MPLS-TP) layer network” was approved.  A copy is attached for your
We would like to draw your attention to clause 10 that describes the
MPLS-TP Diff-Serv Architecture.
In addition, the approval process was initiated for Recommendations
ITU-T G.8121/Y.1381 “Characteristics of MPLS-TP Network Equipment
Functional Blocks” and ITU-T G.8151/Y.1374 “Management aspects of the
MPLS-TP network element”.

Attach: TD517/PLEN Rev.3, TD540/PLEN Rev.1, TD543/PLEN Rev.1.