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Liaison Statement: Response to ITU-T TSAG Liaison TSAG-LS13-E "Update of IETF and ITU-T collaboration guidelines"

Submission Date: 2012-01-25
From: The IAB (Eliot Lear)
To: ITU-T (
Cc:Eliot Lear
The IAB Chair
The IAB Executive Director
Steve Trowbridge
Reinhard Scholl
Response Contact:
Technical Contact:
Purpose: In response
Referenced liaison: Update of IETF and ITU-T collaboration guidelines
Attachments: (none)
The IAB thanks the ITU-T for its liaison of January 18th on updating
IETF and ITU-T collaboration guidelines.   We have reviewed the Terms
Reference and believe that the list of items to be updated in
3 to the ITU-T A-series of Recommendations/RFC3356 is a realistic work
plan for the time period requested for the two organizations to
an update. We suggest that the correspondence group limit its work to
the items listed in the Terms of Reference, and deliver the needed
updates before discussing additional proposals for updates.

We have asked the IETF Liaison Manager to the ITU-T, Eliot Lear, to
as the representative from IETF to work with your representative as a
co-chairman to help to prepare a proposal for a revised Supplement 3
the ITU-T A-series of Recommendations/RFC3356 that contains text that
mutually agreeable to both of organizations. We look forward to seeing
rapid progress.