Liaison statement
LS from the RAI area to OMA Regarding the SDP Directorate

Submission date 2012-03-17
From Real-time Applications and Infrastructure Area (Gonzalo Camarillo)
Cc Murray Kucherawy, Gonzalo Camarillo, Robert Sparks, The IETF Chair
Response contact Gonzalo Camarillo
Purpose For information
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We would like to inform you that the RAI area of the IETF has created
the Session Description Protocol (SDP) Directorate. The main goal of
this directorate is to review new extensions to SDP. Groups that intend
to extend SDP in any way can contact the SDP Directorate coordinators
(currently the MMUSIC WG chairs) to get their extensions reviewed early
in the development process and get expert advice.

More information can be found at: