Liaison statement
IETF/OMA liaison Manager

Submission date 2012-10-30
From The IAB (Bernard Aboba)
To Open Mobile Alliance (
Cc Murray Kucherawy, The IAB, The IAB Executive Director
Purpose For information
Attachments (None)
Dear OMA,

The IETF's liaison manager to OMA, Murray Kucherawy, has asked to step

The IAB's position on liaison relationships with other SDOs is that the
best way for other SDOs to collaborate with IETF is to participate in
the appropriate IETF working groups. Liaison managers are appointed
when the liaison relationship with another SDO isn't working
effectively through normal channels.

Upon review of the IETF/OMA liaison relation, the IAB feels that the
liaison relationship between IETF and OMA is functioning effectively
through the appropriate working groups, so the IAB does not plan to
replace Murray at this time.

We would like to cordially thank Murray for his years of service as the
IETF's liaison manager between the two organizations.

Bernard Aboba, IAB Chair
For the IAB