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Liaison statement
Appointment of Scott Mansfield as new IETF Liaison Manager to the ITU-T

Additional information about IETF liaison relationships is available on the IETF webpage and the Internet Architecture Board liaison webpage.
State Posted
Submitted Date 2013-03-27
From Group IAB
From Contact Russ Housley
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Cc The IAB Chair <>
The IAB <>
The IAB Executive Director <> <>
Purpose For information
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The IAB would like to bring to the ITU-T's attention the appointment of Mr.
Scott Mansfield as the new IETF Liaison Manager to the ITU-T.

The IETF Liaison Manager to the ITU-T sees to the day to day aspects of the
relationship with the ITU-T, provides guidance to the IESG, IAB, and the IETF
as a whole on strategic matters involving both organizations. In addition, Mr.
Mansfield will work closely with our other liaison managers to assure
consistency of approach across technologies, as well as see that liaisons from
the ITU-T to the IETF are appropriately allocated and responded to. We expect
Mr. Mansfield to play a significant supporting role in strategic discussions
between the IETF and ITU leadership.

Mr. Scott Mansfield has over twenty of experience in software development and
network management. He is a Principal Engineer in Ericsson’s DUIB Technology
Network Architecture group. A long time technologist, Scott has built
object-oriented workflow systems for the US Treasury Department, The United
States Naval Reserve, Federal Express, and the United Parcel Service. Scott has
also been the Lead Architect for Ericsson’s North American Mobile Backhaul
Solutions, before moving into a position of Standards Engineer. Scott has been
Ericsson’s MEF Coordinator for the past 5 years and is also an active
contributor to the IETF and the ITU-T, and has been liaison manager from the
IETF to ITU-T for MPLS for the past two years.

The IAB thanks the outgoing Liaison Manager, Mr. Eliot Lear, for his valuable

For the IAB,
Russ Housley
IAB Chair