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Liaison statement
Appointment of Deborah Brungard as new IETF Liaison Manager to the ITU-T for MPLS

Additional information about IETF liaison relationships is available on the IETF webpage and the Internet Architecture Board liaison webpage.
State Posted
Submitted Date 2013-04-30
From Group IAB
From Contact Russ Housley
To Group ITU-T
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Cc Scott Mansfield <>
The IAB Chair <>
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Purpose For information
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The IAB would like to bring to the ITU-T's attention the appointment of Ms
Deborah Brungard as the new IETF Liaison Manager to the ITU-T for MPLS.

The IETF-ITU-T MPLS liaison role helps facilitate communication between the
IETF and the ITU-T on matters of MPLS. The MPLS liaison manager is responsible
for ensuring the liaisons from the IETF on MPLS are routed to the correct study
group(s) in the ITU-T and any incoming liaison from the ITU-T on MPLS is
communicated to the proper working groups, usually MPLS, CCAMP, and PWE3
working groups.

Deborah Brungard has been with AT&T for more than 28 years with experience in
network and service management. She is a Lead Member of Technical Staff in
AT&T's Network Technologies Unit. She is IETF Routing Area's CCAMP Co-Chair,
she has co-chaired CCAMP for more than 6 years. CCAMP (Common Control and
Measurement Plane) is responsible for GMPLS and works cooperatively with MPLS,
L2VPN, PWE3, OSPF, PCE, IDR, and ISIS. She is also the Routing Area Directorate
Coordinator and Routing Area Secretary. Deborah has actively contributed in
SG15 for more than 15 years, including as an Editor (in the early 2000's). She
is very familiar with the ITU-T process, she was Chair of ANSI (American
National Standards) T1X1.5 (Optical Standards) for several years in the early

For the IAB,
Russ Housley
IAB Chair