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Liaison statement
Reply to Liaison statement to IETF concerning 3D video formats signalling in SDP

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2013-06-18
From Group mmusic
From Contact Flemming Andreasen
To Group 3GPP
To Contacts Susanna Kooistra <>
Cc Gonzalo Camarillo <>
Flemming Andreasen <>
Ari Keranen <>
Gonzalo Camarillo <>
Richard Barnes <>
Multiparty Multimedia Session Control Discussion List <>
Response Contact Ari Keranen <>
Flemming Andreasen <>
Purpose In response
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Liaisons referred by this one Liaison statement to IETF concerning 3D video formats signalling in SDP
To:     TSG-SA WG4

The MMUSIC Working Groups thanks SA4 for their information request around work
related to SDP signaling of 3D video formats. At the present time, the MMUSIC
WG does not have any active work in this area.

For your information, the MMUSIC WG did previously (in 2012) consider work in
this area based on the following 3 documents:

The drafts were presented in a couple of meetings and discussed on the MMUSIC
mailing list. While work was initially being pursued, there was ultimately not
sufficient interest or technical agreement in the WG for continued work and
adoption of these items. It was also believed that additional 3D video
expertise and alignment with JCT-3V, MPEG and ITU-T Q6/16 (VCEG) would be
needed to adequately cover this area. In lieu of the above, the work did not

The MMUSIC WG would welcome further input from SA WG4 on this matter.

Next IETF meetings:
- IETF 87 July 28 - August 2, 2013, Berlin, Germany
- IETF 88 November 3-8, 2013, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Flemming Andreasen and Ari Ker´┐Żnen
MMUSIC WG co-chairs