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Liaison statement
MOBIKE dependency on WLAN project in 3GPP2

State Posted
Submitted Date 2005-09-08
From Group mobike
From Contact Paul E. Hoffman
To Group 3GPP2
To Contacts AC Mahendran <>
Cc Thomas Narten <>
Jari Arkko <>
Russ Housley <>
Sam Hartman <>
Purpose In response
Attachments (None)
We currently believe that the Working Group Last Call for the MOBIKE protocol
document will start in September, and we may be ready to ask for IETF Last Call
in September as well (although the latter may slip to October, depending on the
results of the Working Group Last Call). All of these steps will take place on
the open mailing list.

Ability to co-exist with NAT Traversal is one of the design goals of the MOBIKE
protocol. This aspect has taken a lot of our cycles in the working group, but
we believe that the current design satisfies the goals. For instance, a client
behind a NAT can use MOBIKE. There are some limitations in special cases,
however, but the group's understanding has been that we can cover all the
scenarios that come up in typical current VPN usage.