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Liaison statement
Alternate Tunnel Encapsulation for Data Frames in CAPWAP.

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2014-03-18
From Group OPS
From Contact Benoît Claise
To Group IEEE-802-11
To Contacts
Response Contact
Technical Contact
Purpose For action
Deadline 2014-04-11 Action Taken
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Liaisons referring to this one Response to Alternate Tunnel Encapsulation for Data Frames in CAPWAP
The charter of the IETF Operations Area Working Group (OPSAWG) covers new work as well
as work that once belonged in IETF Operations Area WGs that have

One of these Working Groups is Control And Provisioning of
Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) Working Group that developed the CAPWAP
protocol with advice and reviews from IEEE 802.11. At the OPSAWG meeting
held in London on 3/4/2014 a proposal for an '"Alternate Tunnel
Encapsulation for Data Frames in CAPWAP'" was
submitted for consideration as a new OPSAWG work item.

The WG agreed
that there is interest in proceeding with this work, but before
approving it as WG item would like feedback on whether IEEE
802.11 sees any architectural or technical problems with the approach
proposed by this work.

We would be grateful if you can review this work-in-progress document
and let us know if you detect any potential problems. If possible we would
like to receive your response before April 11, 2014.

We appreciate your continuous support and expert advice for the work
done in the IETF.


Melinda Shore, Scott Bradner, Warren Kumari.