Liaison statement
Draft ITU-T Recommendation O.211

Submission date 2005-10-18
From ITU-T SG 4 (Greg Jones)
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Purpose For information
Attachments COM 4 – LS 38 – E - Draft ITU-T Recommendation O.211
ITU-T Question 4/4 has finalized its work on Draft new Recommendation
O.211, “Test and measurement equipment to perform tests at the IP
layer�, which specifies test packets to assess the packet transfer
performance in IP-based networks.
This draft recommendation has been consented during the September 2005
meeting of SG4. Please find it attached.
Each test packet contains a standardized data structure, the IP
Performance Measurement Signature (IPPMS), which includes definitions
for timestamps, sequence numbers, and error check procedures as well as
information to identify the measure and the metrics. Metrics correspond
to Y.1540 parameters and those registered in the
The IPPMS definitions are not restricted to IP-Layer performance
measurements, but can be re-used for other frame-or packet based
Question 4/4 is happy to bring this work to your attention and hope it
is useful for your work in this area.
Comments are of course welcome.