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Liaison statement
Response to your liaison entitled “IETF draft on mobile backhaul“

Additional information about IETF liaison relationships is available on the IETF webpage and the Internet Architecture Board liaison webpage.
State Posted
Submitted Date 2014-10-21
From Contact Christophe Alter
To Group mpls
To Contacts Loa Andersson <>
George Swallow <>
Ross Callon <>
Cc Adrian Farrel <>
Alia Atlas <>
David Sinicrope <>
Purpose In response
Attachments Response to your liaison entitled “IETF draft on mobile backhaul“
Liaisons referred by this one IETF draft on mobile back haul
Dear Loa,

The IP MPLS & Core WG thanks the IETF MPLS WG for your liaison on “IETF draft on
mobile backhaul.” We have reviewed it and the individual draft it references,
(, at our Q3 meeting in

The WG concluded that the draft does not seem to specify extending or enhancing
protocols but appears to be more a solution architecture and requirements document.
Indeed, in the introduction of the draft, we find “the proposed requirements make it
possible to work out the complete solution for a flexible deployment of an end to end
mobile backhaul service delivery.”

The BBF has a history of working in this space; see for example TR-221, TR-178 and
TR-224. While not all the issues and requirements mentioned in the draft are covered in
these documents, we believe there is significant overlap.

We believe the work outlined in the draft is in the scope of our work and that it would be
appropriate to address it within the BBF. We note that the author’s companies are all
members of BBF, we would be happy to entertain contributions from them on this topic

We attach below a schedule of our future meetings for your information.

Christophe Alter
Broadband Forum Technical Committee Chair