Liaison statement
M.3016 Series Recommendations Approved

Submission date 2005-10-18
From ITU-T SG 4 (Greg Jones)
To IETF Operations and Management Area (
Response contact
Technical contact
Purpose For action
Deadline 2005-12-01 Action Taken
Attachments COM 4 – LS 39 – E - .3016 Series Recommendations Approved
ITU-T SG4 would like to inform you of the approval of the M.3016 series
of recommendations titled Security of the Management Plane. 
These Recommendations are intended to provide the necessary security
requirements, services, and mechanisms to address threats and risks to
the telecommunications management plane. They allow organizations and
standards bodies to document specific policies within their
environments and needs using the Profile Proforma provided in
SG4 recommends that your organization develop a profile based on
M.3016.4 and keep SG4 informed of your progress.
The approved Recommendations are attached for your use.