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Liaison statement
JCA-Cloud's LS on Invitation to update the information in the cloud computing roadmap to IETF

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2015-01-02
From Contact Tatiana Kurakova
To Group IETF
To Contacts The IETF Chair <>
Cc The IESG <>
Response Contact
Purpose For action
Deadline 2015-03-20 Action Needed
Attachments LS on Invitation to update the information in the cloud computing roadmap
In the maintenance phase of the project launched by JCA-Cloud back in June 2012
and called Cloud Computing standards roadmap, JCA-Cloud would like to make an
inventory of the items stored in this database. The Cloud Computing standards
roadmap summarizes the activities of all the relevant SDOs working in the area
of Cloud Computing. In order to fulfil its role of being a tool to support
JCA-Cloud coordination on Cloud Computing related activities of ITU-T SGs and
other SDOs, it is imperative to keep the information up to date.

Cloud Computing Roadmap is accessible from the front page of JCA-Cloud

The following URL will direct you straight to the web location of this tool

To access it in read mode please use your TIES account with log in name in a
format If you do not have TIES account, please create a
guest account for yourself at then log in.
For any problems with this working tool please contact JCA-Cloud secretariat at

In addition, we made it available as an attachment to this liaison.

We would like to invite your Study Group, organization to review, update or to
populate this roadmap.

We encourage you also to review the other activities from cloud computing
perspective to give us feedback on possible cooperation and in order to avoid
the overlap.

For accessing the draft roadmap in a write mode please use the entry Submit my
input to the Roadmap of the tool.

Else, you can submit your inputs by e-mail to JCA-Cloud secretariat or roadmap
editor. In this case please follow the format of Attachment.

We would like to encourage you to provide a URL pointer to the ITU-T and
SDO/Forum work item you wish to introduce into the roadmap.

We thank you in advance for your active participation in this project!