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Liaison statement
Application Codes for Wavelength Switched Optical Networks

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2015-01-16
From Group IETF
From Contact John Drake
To Group ITU-T-SG-15
To Contacts
Response Contact
Technical Contact
Purpose For comment
Deadline 2015-03-02 Action Needed
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Liaisons referring to this one LS/r on Application Codes for Wavelength Switched Optical Networks (reply to IETF-CCAMP-LS014)
Dear Q6/15 (WP2/15),

The CCAMP working group of the IETF would like to draft the attention of Q6/15
to . This
document describes encodings for a number of parameters that will be used in
GMPLS protocols for operation of Wavelength Switched Optical Networks. The
document is in its final stages and will soon progress to IETF last call.

We would particularly welcome your review of sections 4.1.1-4.1.4. These
sections describe the encoding of Application Codes as described in G.698.1,
G.698.2, G.959.1, and G.695. The questions you might like to consider in this
respect are:

- Are we capturing current application codes?
  In other words, are our references correct and correctly used?
- Are there any application codes we are missing?
  Is our set of references correct and have we included all of the application
  codes in the references?
- Have we captured all of the parameters of the application codes?
  In our attempt to capture the application codes into formats we can use in
  our protocols, have we found all of the parameters that comprise the
  application codes?
- Are the fields for each parameter of each application code appropriately
sized and with the correct ranges?
  In other words, will we be able to properly encode the application codes
  defined today and their possible future extensions?

In view of the progress of this work, we would be very happy to receive
informal responses and guidance from individuals or from the Question as a
whole if it has time to formulate an agreed response. Please use the CCAMP
mailing list to provide input in accordance with standard IETF process.

Many thanks for your attention.

Fatai Zhang and Daniele Ceccarelli (CCAMP WG chairs)