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Liaison statement
Update on “Hybrid Access for Broadband Networks” (WT-348)

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2015-01-16
From Contact Christophe Alter
To Group IETF
To Contacts The IETF Chair <>
Cc The IESG <>
David Sinicrope <>
Jari Arkko <>
Brian Haberman <>
Ted Lemon <>
Dave Allan <>
Dave Thorne <>
Sven Ooghe <>
Guiu Fabregas <>
Robin Mersh <>
Gabrielle Bingham <>
Purpose For information
Attachments Update on “Hybrid Access for Broadband Networks” (WT-348)
Dear IETF colleagues,

As stated in the previous liaison, the business drivers for this work include
enabling service providers to offer faster service provisioning and
fulfillment, higher throughput and increased WAN reliability.

After evaluation of these business needs, a number of enhancements required in
the existing BBF WT/TRs have been identified and will be addressed in this
work. These may include:

• Simultaneous use of two access connections in RG, rather than UE
• Mechanisms to communicate traffic distribution policy to the RG and a
possible Hybrid Access GW • Traffic distribution across two connections •
Ability to monitor state of each of the two connections

At this point, the BBF is starting the working on an architectural framework to
realize the aforementioned business needs, which will then be translated into
architectural requirements.

We will keep you informed of this work as it progresses.

The Broadband Forum’s Q1 meeting will be held March 2 - 6, 2015 in Shenzhen,

Christophe Alter,
Broadband Forum Technical Committee Chair