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Liaison statement
Information modeling work in progress

Additional information about IETF liaison relationships is available on the IETF webpage and the Internet Architecture Board liaison webpage.
State Posted
Submitted Date 2015-03-18
From Group ONF
From Contact Hing-Kam Lam
To Group IETF
To Contacts The IETF Chair <>
Lisandro Granville (IRTF NMRG Chair)
Olivier Festor (IRTF NMRG Chair)
Response Contact
Purpose For information
Attachments ONF LS to ITU-T SG15 & IETF & TM Forum & MEF
Dear colleagues,

Thank you for the SG15 liaison “COM 15 – LS 201” from December last year. We
appreciate your willingness on the collaboration for the specification of an
industry-wide open common information model for transport resources.

We would like to let you know, that we are taking your network element
management models for OTN (G.874.1), Ethernet (G.8052) and MPLS-TP
(G.8152-draft) and also the Generic Information Model for transport resources
(G.gim) into account for developing the industry-wide open common information

Since our last liaison, we have updated the Core Model Fragment (mainly the
Core Foundation Module and the Topology Subset of the Core Network Module) and
would like to provide you herewith the current version of the model
(onf2014.408.03) and the associated base document (onf2015.074.03). This
information model is developed using the Papyrus open source UML Tool. The
instruction on how to obtain the Papyrus tool and view the model are described
in the attached onf2015.017.03.

We also have harmonized our UML profile (defining the additional UML artifact
properties) with the profile that is used in SG15. It has now a new generic
name: “Open Model Profile”. The profile files are attached as part of the model
files (onf2014.408.03).

Our three guideline documents
•       Common Information Model Overview (onf2015.005.03)
•       UML Modeling Guidelines (onf2015.018.03)
•       Papyrus Guidelines (onf2015.017.03)
have passed the group review and are currently (till mid of March) in ONF final
review. These guideline documents are also attached for your information.

Also attached are materials (Model Sketches and Spec Model thoughts) to assist
in the understanding of the information model.

Kam LAM, Chair Information Modeling Project

Attachment: Work in progress
−, which consists of
•       onf2014.408.03  Model files and Open Model Profile files
•       onf2015.074.03  Core Info Model base document
•       onf2015.005.03  Common Information Model Overview
•       onf2015.018.03  UML Modeling Guidelines
•       onf2015.017.03  Papyrus Guidelines
•       onf2014.416.01  Model Sketches
•       onf2014.415.01  Spec Model thoughts