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Liaison statement
Green ICT Standards Landscape Questionnaire

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2015-03-26
From Group ITU-T-SG-5
From Contact Cristina Bueti
To Group IETF
To Contacts The IETF Chair <>
Cc The IESG <>
Purpose For action
Deadline 2015-03-31 Action Needed
Attachments Green ICT Standards Landscape Questionnaire
Dear Sir/Madam,

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is developing a “Green ICT
Standards Landscape” with the aim of providing a comprehensive and up-to-date
picture of ongoing worldwide standardization activities related to energy
efficiency and environmental sustainability of ICT devices and infrastructures.
With an increasing number of ICT devices put into the market every year, the
ICT sector has been called upon to minimize the environmental impact of these
devices considering aspects such as energy efficiency, e-waste and ecodesign.
Green ICT standards have proven to be instrumental in achieving these
environmental goals.

In order to collect consolidated and updated information related to existing or
under development green standardization actions from all stakeholders, a
web-based questionnaire was developed.

Your organization is strongly encouraged to provide inputs to the development
of this report by completing the web-based questionnaire which can be found at:
2016/05/Pages/questionnaires/ICT-Landscape.aspx and will be available until 30
March 2015. The results of the survey will be collected and analysed in a
report that will be made publicly available on the ITU website at: on 14 August 2015.

This report aims to contribute to help the ICT sector to achieve the goals set
out by the ITU Connect 2020 Agenda to reduce the volume of redundant e-waste by
50% by the year 2020 and to decrease the amount of Greenhouse Gas emissions
generated by the telecommunication/ICT sector per device by 30% by the year

In addition, this report will contribute in paving the way for greener ICT
products and provide some preliminary considerations on challenges and gaps
that standardization can help to tackle in order to improve the overall
environmental performance of the ICT sector. Kindly note that the “Green ICT
Standards Landscape” is being developed with the kind support of the Global
e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI).

Please do not hesitate to contact Ms Cristina Bueti ( should you
need any additional information. I look forward to receiving your contribution.
Yours sincerely, Chaesub Lee Director of the Telecommunication Standardization